Ends on July 5, 2017

Fill out this form to submit your abstract for review by native English speakers.  Volunteers from our Student Committee will read your abstract and reach out to you with feedback and edits. For non-native English speakers, submitting an abstract in English can be challenging, and our volunteers are here to help make that process easier and provide useful feedback to help you successfully submit your abstract to SPSP for the Annual Meeting in March of 2018.  Complete this form, and upload your abstract no later than July 5, 2017 (the last timezone on Earth) for it to be reviewed.

* Be sure to follow SPSP's Submission Guidelines when writing your abstract. And make sure you check out SPSP's webpage on submitting to the convention for helpful information.  *

Submission Guidelines: http://meeting.spsp.org/programming/prepare-your-submissions/submission-policies
Helpful Information: http://meeting.spsp.org/programming/prepare-your-submissions
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