The SPSP Fellowship Committee is currently accepting nominations for SPSP Fellows.

To be considered as an SPSP Fellow, you must:

  • Be a member of SPSP.
  • Have earned your Ph.D. more than 10  years ago.
  • Have made an extraordinary and distinctive contribution to the science of Personality and Social Psychology. 

              The society recognizes that key contributions can be made not only by academic researchers, but  also by teacher/scholars (whose job descriptions might entail little or no research) and applied scholars (who job descriptions entail little or no teaching and mentoring).  

             Applications will be reviewed taking into consideration the nature of the nominee’s position and key contributions to field. Thus,

            nominations should indicate which of the following categories best reflects the emphasis of the applicant’s position (check one):

  • Research Emphasis 
  • Teaching Emphasis 
  • Applied Emphasis 

Criteria that will be considered include scientific contributions, service to the field and community outreach, and excellence in teaching and mentoring (if applicable) 

  • Scientific Contributions:  The committee will consider a candidate’s publication record (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, books, and edited volumes) and the scholarly impact of the candidate’s work on the field (e.g., citation counts, research awards, transformative or highly generative works, promoting best practices in research). Impact of research can also be interpreted more broadly to consider the application of research to real world contexts or to inform public policy. For Applied Emphasis review, working in government, non-profits, or industry, other evidence of research (even if not externally published) having scientific impact outside their organization will be considered. 
  • Service to the Field and/or Community Outreach:  The committee will consider service contributions to professional organizations, scientific conferences, grant panels, journal editorial boards, task-forces, outreach activities or knowledge translation to stakeholder groups, professional audiences, or general public, scientific blogs, contributions to academic centers or consortia, etc.  
  • Teaching and Mentoring: If applicable to a nominee’s position, the committee will consider evidence of excellence in teaching, pedagogy, and/or mentoring at either the undergraduate or graduate level. This can include teaching awards, evidence of attracting students from underrepresented groups to the field, extraordinary performance in student supervision, mentoring, leadership or scholarship in teaching of social and personality psychology. 


The Fellowship Committee, consisting of five SPSP Fellows, proposes new Fellows to the Board of Directors. Nominations and self-nominations are welcome.


More information is available at


Contact Jessi L. Smith ( or Brannan Meyers ( with any additional questions.