These grants are intended to support relatively inexpensive, well-powered studies that, if successful, will be submitted for publication and for presentation at the SPSP convention.  The maximum that may be requested is $1,500, and no more than $30,000 in grants will be distributed annually.  

The goal of the Small Grants program is primarily to support research for those post-Ph.D. who otherwise do not have the same amount of institutional resources (e.g., time free from teaching, access to graduate student support, internal funding mechanisms, grant writing resources) to support a sustained record of external funding. The Small Grant is especially intended to provide seed funding to help such individuals successfully apply for larger grants.

Awards may be used to compensate participants (on-line or in-person), purchase supplies, travel to research sites, or pay research assistants.  Funds may not be used for salary or travel to conferences, and no indirect costs will be granted to the awardee’s institution.


Applicants must be members (having obtained their doctorate at time of grant submission) of SPSP and their dues paid for the year of application. Selected applicants must receive institutional review board (IRB) approval prior to receiving the grant payment.

Award recipients must submit a report of the research to SPSP within six months of the completion of the study and, if the research is successful, are expected to submit it both for publication and for presentation at the SPSP convention.

Previous recipients of funds through the SPSP Small Grants Program are not eligible to re-apply.

How to Apply

We are now accepting grant applications for the Summer 2017 Cycle. Grant applications must include an abstract, a description of the proposed project (Abstract; Research Question, Goals of the Study, and Significance to Social-Personality Psychology; Research Design and Methodology; and Planned Analyses), a curriculum vitae (CV), the proposed timeline for completion of the research, and a budget.

The Review Committee will evaluate each proposal along the following criteria:

  1. Importance or significance of the topic to the field
  2. Clarity and quality of the research methodology and analyses that will be conducted. It is particularly important that applications include sufficient information to convince the Committee that the project will be completed to an ethical and publishable standard, so issues involving power, sample size, and planned analyses should be discussed.
  3. Appropriateness of the budget
  4. Feasibility of completing the project within the timeline provided; and
  5. Average amount of grant dollars per year awarded to the PI for research. 
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