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About the Award
 SPSP seeks personality and social psychologists from around the world to participate in its activities, striving to reflect the full range of human experiences and global diversity. The goal of this award is to serve as an incubator for testing creative ideas that would help build connections and communication across the world.

 Specifically, we invite creative proposals for ideas on how to increase internationalization within SPSP, with specific goals to promote communication, exchanges, and partnerships with scholars from countries currently underrepresented in SPSP and in mainstream personality and social psychology. Award selection criteria will focus on enhancing international diversity and global representation of the Society and more broadly of the field, as well as the proposal’s potential to build lasting exchanges and partnerships with scholars from underrepresented world regions. We encourage proposals that break boundaries and offer out-of-the-box solutions to foster SPSP’s mission to increase its global presence and reflect social and personality psychologists worldwide.

 Awardees will receive up to $1,500 USD to support the proposed activities (e.g., technology, marketing, membership fees for key collaborators from Low and Middle Income countries, if needed). For proposals that involve an in-person event (whether at the annual SPSP convention or self-organized in other locations), an additional $1,500 will be provided to cover travel expenses of one or more primary organizers. One event organizer will additionally receive complimentary SPSP membership.

 Recipients of this award will work with members of the SPSP International Committee to ensure the project’s feasibility and maximize the impact of proposed activities. At the end of the grant year, the individual or team awarded is expected to prepare a summary of the activity and any information that would be helpful to those planning similar events in the future.

 The types of activities this award would fund are flexible and they can be diverse and creative as long as they meet the award’s objectives. These activities can take place as part of the SPSP Annual Convention or fall outside of the scope of the convention.

 Any SPSP member (or non-member) is eligible to apply for the International Bridge-Building Award. (A one-year membership will be granted for one organizer per award.) Priority will be given to applications that are spearheaded by and focus on scholars from underrepresented areas including most countries in Asia; the Pacific Islands; Oceania; Southern and Eastern Europe; Africa and the Middle East; and Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Our emphasis will be on those who are either based in those contexts or who can provide evidence of being in a good position to build bridges to them.

How to Apply
 If you are not a member of SPSP and do not have an account with us, create an account here. Questions? Contact awards@spsp.org

 Before the April 20, 2024 deadline, applicants will provide their current CV and a 1000-word proposal outlining the program/event (including: a brief budget plan for the use of the $1500 award budget with timeline & activity description; same for the additional $1500 travel budget if applicable), describing how it would meet the goals described above, i.e. contribute to the internationalization of SPSP, and promoting communication, exchanges, and partnerships with scholars from countries currently underrepresented in SPSP and in mainstream personality and social psychology.   

Selection Process

  • Members of the SPSP International Committee will review the applications.
  • The main selection criteria will be the proposed program’s ability to increase international communication, collaboration, and partnership with scholars from underrepresented countries.

Submissions deadline April 20, 2024.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.