The Daniel M. Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prize is a prize for a single outstanding contribution that recognizes the author of an article or book chapter judged to provide the most innovative theoretical contribution to social/personality psychology within a given year.

Any kind of innovative theoretical contribution can be considered for the prize, including presentations of new theories, new theory-based integrations of disparate areas of inquiry, and significant extensions of existing theories to new areas of inquiry. Theoretical contributions are eligible for the prize regardless of whether they appear in stand-alone theoretical papers, within conceptually-based literature reviews, or in some other type of article or book chapter in which conceptual innovation is highlighted.

Recipients of this award receive a $500 honorarium (split among winning authors) and accompanying plaque, which are presented at the annual Awards Ceremony held at the SPSP Annual Convention, as well as a complimentary one-year SPSP membership. This award was endowed by support from Worth Publishers through the Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology.

  • Recipients are the authors of eligible papers. Eligible papers must have been published in peer-reviewed journals or as book chapters during the calendar year prior to nomination. For example, to be nominated in 2020, the publication must have been printed in calendar year 2019. Papers and chapters still "in press" are not eligible.

 Application Requirements

  • Electronic version of the nominated piece (in PDF or .doc format)
  • A bullet-ed list describing how the article fits the criteria
  • If the nominated piece is a chapter and does not contain an abstract, a 150-word abstract must also be included

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