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In 2017, inspired by discussion during the Increasing Diversity and Inclusiveness symposium at the 2017 Convention, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology launched the Community Building Grant Program.

SPSP members can apply to use these funds in their efforts to develop community and professional development among members of groups currently underrepresented in the field (including gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and race, disability, and other underrepresented statuses).



SPSP seeks to provide small grants to support personality and social psychologists at all levels. This financial support is intended to assist SPSP members from underrepresented groups in their efforts to develop and host meetings to build community and develop professional skills. Examples could include dinner with an invited speaker, sharing and critiquing job materials, workshopping papers, skills building workshops, building new networks, and other community building activities.


Community Building support is not to be used for individuals to attend existing conferences or to support preconferences at the SPSP Convention.


Grants may be awarded for an amount up to $1,500. Larger or more formal meetings/conferences should apply for the small conference grant.


Preference will be given to support of developing or building new Communities within SPSP. Recipients of the grant must provide a post-event final report summarizing the event and its outcomes.




To apply for the Community Building Grant, applicants must be members of SPSP with current membership in good standing at time of application.



Your application will be evaluated based on its unique merit and capacity to promote and grow one of our underrepresented communities (including but not limited to: gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and race, disability).



Funds will be made available in one of two ways:

1)     Directly payable to another hosting/sponsoring entity OR the recipient’s university. If this method is chosen, a W9 from the payee will be required. Under this arrangement, SPSP is a sponsor and will not be legally or financially responsible for the conference and no contract should be signed under the auspice of SPSP, Inc.


2)     Funds hosted at SPSP. If this method is chosen, SPSP will be the host of the meeting and will assume contractual responsibility, including financial, legal and tax responsibility. Organizers will maintain control of the program content and will work with SPSP staff on budgets/contracts.

In either payment scenario, if the conference does not occur within 12 months of award, the funds must be returned to SPSP.


How to Apply

Applications are accepted twice annually:

  • May 1 – August 1 (for conferences/meetings held between October and July of the following year)
  • October 1 – January 1 (for conferences/meetings held between March and December of the following year)

The Heritage Dissertation Research Awards program is a competition for dissertation research funding. The purpose of these awards is to assist doctoral students in personality and social psychology with research costs associated with their doctoral dissertations. The Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology intends to award 6 grants of $1,000 each. At least two grants will be in personality psychology and at least two grants will be in social psychology.The intent of the Foundation is to increase the number of awards in the future as additional funds become available.

The Heritage Initiative celebrates personality and social psychology's heritage by honoring some of the great teachers and scientists who have made major contributions to field. In doing so, the Initiative is aimed at ensuring the field’s future by assisting its next generation of scholars. The Heritage Dissertation Research Awards are the direct result of funds raised in honor of our fields’ luminaries. Applicants are asked to indicate in their applications to which of the Heritage honorees their work best links. For more information on the Heritage Fund and current honorees, please go to


1.  Applicants must be graduate students in personality and/or social psychology in good standing with their university. Applicants must be enrolled full-time (or working on their dissertation research for an equivalent of full-time enrollment regardless of actual registration status).

2.  Applicants must be student members of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology at the time they apply for the award.

3.  Applicants must have had their dissertation proposals approved by their dissertation committees prior to application.

4.  Each department may endorse no more than two (2) students per year for the Heritage Dissertation Research Award. If more than two students from a department wish to apply for these funds, the department should perform an initial screening and choose only two applications for submission.

5.  Applicants must not have previously received a Heritage Dissertation Research Award.

6.  The dissertation research may be in any area of social or personality psychology.

Applicants will submit the following to apply for the Heritage Dissertation Award:

- 2 page abstract of dissertation proposal. Because priority will go to projects that are in the tradition of one of the Heritage Awardees, defined very broadly, your abstract should briefly indicate the name of the Heritage nominee that your work follows.
- 1 paragraph describing the use of funds if awarded
- A current CV

Advisor Recommendation

A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s academic advisor is required to complete the application process. Please note that this letter has a maximum length of (1) page, single-spaced. Please communicate to the faculty member who will write your recommendation letter the importance of adhering to this maximum page limit. In addition, please do not submit more than one letter of recommendation; only one will be forwarded for review. The letter writer will submit his/her letter on-line.

Applications (including letters of recommendation) should be received no later than Sunday, October 15, 2017

More information is available on our website. Contact Harry Reis at with any questions.

FPSP, in collaboration with SAGE Publications, is pleased to award the SAGE Young Scholars Awards. These awards recognize outstanding young researchers in personality and social psychology. The awardees will receive a one-time award of $5,000 to be used at their discretion for research, study, or conference travel-related purposes, as well as a complimentary one-year SPSP membership. At least five awards are presented each year to young scholars representative of the broad spectrum of personality and social psychology research areas.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • Candidates must be between 3 to 7 years into an academic faculty position (but not including post-doctoral training) by September
 of the year in which they apply. Previous winners may not be renominated.

  • Candidates should have demonstrated exceptional individual achievements in 
social and/or personality psychology (broadly defined), conducting research
 that places them at the forefront of their peers. Criteria include 
innovation, creativity, and potential to make a significant impact on the 

Application Requirements

  • Individuals may self-nominate or be nominated by others
  • A two page research statement describing the candidate's current and future research plans, highlighting the work's creativity and potential impact on the field.
  • A statement (up to 200 words) regarding how the Sage Young Scholar Award would encourage their development as a future leader of the field. 
  • The nominee’s current vita in electronic format.

Selection Process

Award winners will be chosen by a subcommittee of the Board of the Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology, Inc. For more information, please visit

To apply for the award, please sign into your Submittable account, or create a new account, below.

Applications should
 be received no later than Friday, September 15, 2017. Contact Harry Reis at with any questions.